Tip:Defeating A Boss Easily

Do you have that feeling of really wanting to beat the crap out of a boss? Well its possible! If you do the farmer minigame and you recieve some eyeball cabbage, use it to play the Chef game. If you do the chef Minigame Perfectly…he will give you a “Divine Stew”. To Use it, go to the Oblisk (the tower) and choose what boss you want to fight. On The Little Altar that Hatapon stands on, right above the Juju, there is another circle. Click it and select the Divine Stew. Now Check out your patapons! There UNSTOPABLE! Then just go fight the boss and you should have a super easy kill! (Note: doing this will Raise your Army’s skills like crazy!)


Patapon 3! Coming Soon!(Between Now and December of 2010)

Remember when I said that Patapon 2 was the final…well im wrong. Patapon 3 is now on its way to being the THIRD Patapon Game. Picture of game box is below…

There You have it guys the New Patapon 3 again Coming out sometime between now and December of 2010! If you think this was just a fake, then go to Patapon PSP online and see for yourself that this is the real deal! Here is the link: www.pataponpsp.com

This Week’s Tip

If your having trouble, Hunt 2-3 times and Defeat a Boss. If you want to take it up a notch, Hunt 5-6 Times and Defeat 3-4 Bosses. Doing the tougher desicion will Significantly Improve your Army’s Skills

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