The Patapons

In the First Patapon, there were 6 and only 6 types of Patapons. In Fact, a lot of people may not know this but the First Patapon was actually A Test Version of the Real Game (Which was Patapon2). Patapon 2 would really be Just “Patapon” but since there was a first Test Version…the Second And Final Version had to be named Patapon 2.


Tatepon: Tatepons are bloodthirsty warriors waiting to attack any of their foes at ANY MOMENT. Once Sent Into Fever Mode, they will go attack their enemies and leave scratches on them that they wont ever forget…of course that goes for bosses too!

Yaripon: Yaripons are quite the helping hand. These Patapons will go balistic and throw spears at their enemies leaving them no choice but to suffer numerous hits! Once Sent Into Fever mode, these patapons will jump high up into the air and throw their spears leaving the zigitons and the bosses delayed under a bloody airstrike that could really knock them senceless!

Yumipon: Yumipons are one of the most helpful patapons (of course from my opinion) out of all 6 types of patapons. These Patapons rely on their Bows which they use to inflict critical damage on their enemies! Once Sent Into Fever Mode, These Patapons will advance a few steps and Fire about 4 or 5 Spears Simultaneously and if your equiped with Fire Bows, the zigitons will be doomed to a fiery death no matter what the costs are!

Kibapon: Giddy-Up!! Kibapons are…well…one of the fastest Patapons in the game. These Patapons will inflict Critical Damage on the Foes 100% if your in Fever Mode! Once Sent Into Fever Mode, these patapons launch like Rockets Right at the enemy and once the Kibapon’s Halberd makes contact…bye bye Zigiton!

Dekapon: This has got to be the closest thing to THE HULK! Dekapons are extremely EXTREMELY Powerful especially the rare “Barsala” Dekapons which can occasionally inflict around 200 to 300 on Enemies. Once Set Into Fever Mode, This Beast will inflict so much damage that it could hit A Kacheek once and Kill it instantly!(That has been proven by the way).

Megapon: Megapons are the most Musical Warriors. They rely on Horns which can inflict almost as much as a regular Dekapon. Once Sent Into Fever Mode, They will release Multiple noises(made by the horn) which inflict heavy damage on the enemy. Be careful because Music from these patapons aren’t always peaceful!

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